Friday, June 14, 2013

Come Hell or High Water....

Sooo.... I've  struggled with what my purpose is.  I've struggled with being unhappy in my current lifestyle/living situation.  I've struggled with my weight, depression, psoriasis, rashes that covered my body for a good 4 years and the biopsies only showed.... I was allergic to something.  YA THINK!

I'm divorced after 24 years of marriage and a Mother of two wicked smart humans, to whom I'd give the world if I could.  I'm a softy... and they know it. lol.  Which probably isn't the smartest route to take when trying to teach your offspring to be strong, independent functioning, responsible adults.  I've tripped, fallen and made mistakes along the way with them, but I do know they are still really good people.  We are all flawed, yes?  They are both in college trying to figure out their own paths in this crazy world....and when they trip and fall... I'll be there.

The reason for this blog is to document my journey on a new road to where I believe I need to be and where I would be incredibly happy.  I want to buy a small farm and move to the country.  I want a huge garden and have animals and make soap and sell eggs, veggies and cut flowers, make cheese and can tomatoes and jam.   I love to cook/bake.....Feed people.  It quite frankly is what most of my thoughts are about these days.

I also sculpt in polymer clay and on occasion I paint in acrylics.  I sell my pieces mostly on ebay.  I've been sculpting for about 8 or 9 years and started selling my stuff in 2005.  I would do it full time if it paid the bills. But its that vicious circle thing.... work full time so I sculpt mostly on the weekends, so I don't produce enough to pay the I have to work full time to pay the bills and don't have enough time to sculpt.... yada yada yada.

I'm kind of a foodie, in the sense of loving and being able to describe food and food porn.  I'm not however refined and know all the ingredients that make up some dishes...unless I'm cooking it of course.  I enjoy food, and 'enjoy' doesn't seem to come close to describing how much I REALLY 'enjoy' food.

So, if you choose to follow  me, and my partner in crime, Jim, on our journey, I will be posting about numerous things.  Hopefully interesting enough that you'll want to read them.   From gardening and cooking/recipes to home improvement and animals to weight loss (or gain) and my slip ups.... (Like eating a KING SIZED Payday candy bar the other night).  I tend to type how I talk and hopefully it won't be annoying.  I'm sure someone will let me know, if so.

Come Hell or High Water........I will move to a farm.

Until next time. :o)